Human Capital Development

The Human Capital Development Department aims to develop and implement programmes for skills development and industry support. Human Capital takes various forms including programmes that redress the current skills shortage by creating new skills in the film and television value chain that to ensure competitiveness in the region. These programmes aim to enhance the capabilities of the local filmmakers to increase the KwaZulu-Natal local content on the South African and International distribution platforms with the vision to sustainable employment in the KZN film and television sector. Current interventions drive transformation, diversification and service excellence through skills development in the local film industry

The Human Capital Development Department has successfully initiated the following programs to support the training, skills development, transformation and diversification of the local film industry.

  1. Kwa Zulu Natal Film Commission Bursary Programme currently supports students who attend various tertiary institutions to study film. These institutions include AFDA, Durban University of Technology, Creative Arts College, UKZN -Centre for Fine Art and the Centre of Fine Arts, Animation and Design.
  2. SEDIBA Spark Narrative and Documentary script writer program
  3. The International Finance Program for Producers
  4. The Mandela’s Children Project is a partnership with The National Film and Video Foundation is a skills development project that nurtures women and youth through an incubation process. This program provides a platform for young woman filmmakers into the industry. The first feature film from the series of films produced in 2014 won The Durban International Film Festival Production Merit Award 2015.
  5. SMME Incubation program is an accelerator program to support new and emerging film production houses to become sustainable and profitable companies.
  6. A production technical programme is currently run in conjunction with NEMISA and Durban University of Technology.
  7. A mentorship program.

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